Industry Tips

Hiring A Locksmith

As we mentioned, the locksmith industry has a few untrustworthy individuals that put both customers and other locksmiths at risk. A-Paul's Lock Service is completely licensed, bonded and insured, and we will always provide safe service, but we know not everyone will call us. We want everyone to be safe no matter whom he or she hires, so weíve compiled these tips that can rob those bad individuals of their power and help keep you safe.
  • Whenever possible, use a locksmith that's been referred to you by family, friends, coworkers, or someone you trust.
  • Make sure whomever you hire is a licensed locksmith. Ask to see their license as soon as they arrive. Locksmith's employed by a locksmith agency should have a PERC card and picture ID with their locksmith agency license number listed on it.
  • If a locksmith is coming to meet you at a remote location. Make sure you write down their phone number and address to have as a reference if anything happens.
  • For most simple tasks, such as unlocking your car or home, rekeying your house or making keys for your car., a locksmith should be able to provide a rough price estimate over the phone. If they refuse to discuss price, it may be a clue to try another service.
  • Most trustworthy locksmiths will work out of a clearly marked van or service vehicle.
  • High-quality and experienced locksmith can unlock nearly any lock without damaging it. Be wary if they immediately say the lock needs to be drilled and replaced.
  • The locksmith should ask you questions about your identity. We are required by the State of Illinois to record certain information.
  • Never sign any blank paperwork.
  • Always get an itemized invoice.
  • If at any point while working with a locksmith, you feel uncomfortable, you can refuse their services.

Security Tips

Depending on the entry to your home, it is often not very hard to break down a standard front door. With A-Paul's Lock Service, youíll get much needed added security due to our extra-strength products and experience with installation, but the rest is up to you! These are just a few tips to keep in mind after we're done:
  • No matter how durable the locks in your home are, they are useless if they are not locked! In most cases, home invasions are the result of doors and windows being open or unlocked, and itís up to you to make sure your home is as safe as possible at all times.
  • All doors leading to the outside should be solid-core wood or metal, and should fit tightly in the doorframe. It also helps to have a heavy-duty deadbolt and heavy-duty locking doorknob with a dead-latch mechanism.
  • More than 80% of residential burglaries happen using the front door.
  • All windows need to be properly aligned and have sufficient locking mechanisms.
  • About 2/3 of burglaries happen in the daytime.
  • Never hide spare keys in obvious places (under door mats, etc), it is best to leave a key with a trusted neighbor. Ensure that your address is easily visible from the street to aid emergency services in the event of a burglary.
  • Remove trees and branches to prevent access to the second floor.
  • Notify your neighbors if you are going on vacation, and have them make note of when you are leaving and returning. Disconnect garage door openers, and obviously make sure every lock in the house is locked prior to departure.

If you follow all of these tips, your risk of being taken advantage of will be greatly decreased. Or you can always give A-Paulís Lock Service a call and feel confident youíre getting completely safe and reliable service!

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